Haringey Gas purging & tightness testing

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Commercial gas purges & tightness tests throughout Haringey

Gas purge into to service

Gas purging into service is normally performed for properties that have had a new gas system installed, or have had a major component or piece of pipe replaced. It is done by introducing an inert gas into the system which then pushes any flammable gasses out of the system. In this case it is to remove any oxygen that may have entered the system in the installation process, removing the oxygen is needed to avoid an accidental ignition which could damage the system and those on the premises. Flair Facilities offer commercial gas purging into service using a team of experienced engineers all around Haringey, who can perform gas purging into service for any property of any size.

Gas purge out of service

Gas purging out of service, as you may expect, is the opposite of gas purging into service. Instead of being done for new components being install, gas purging out of service is done when old equipment or systems are being removed. The process is the same in which inert gasses are introduced to push out other flammable gasses, but in this case it is done to prevent the risk of fire or explosion when any components are removed. It is commonly done for demolition companies when a property needs to be demolished, as the entire gas system will for the premise will need to be taken out of service. At Flair Facilities we can offer commercial gas purging out of service throughout Haringey, using our team of Gas Safe registered engineers.

Gas tightness test

Gas tightness tests are carried out before gas purges to test the integrity of the pipework being purged. Performing a tightness test allows any areas experiencing signs of leakage to be identified. For this reason a tightness test can be conducted on it’s own if leaks are suspected, without the need for a gas purge. At Flair Facilities we always perform a tightness test as part of our gas purging into and out of service, but we also offer tightness tests in Haringey for leak detection purposes.

For more information or to book a commercial gas purge and / or tightness test for a Haringey property please call 0207 9989 005. Our phone lines are open 24 / 7 with a friendly customer service rep always ready to assist!

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