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Repairs for all systems- electric boilers, gas boilers, warm air heating, heat pumps, HIU’s and hot water failures

Boilers, warm air heating, heat pumps, HIU’s and hot water failures

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Boiler repair

At Flair Facilities, we take pride in providing our esteemed customers with commercial boiler repair services. Our unmatched level of customer care ensures an unbeatable and satisfactory experience. We are conveniently located in the heart of central London, and our proficient team of London boiler repair engineers are always available, 24/7. Providing practical and cost-effective repairs to get your boilers back up and running in no time.

Whether you have an electric boiler or gas boiler, Flair Facilities have you covered and can repair any make or size of boiler. This also entails other equipment your system may need repaired e.g. hot water failures and broken radiators. Call now to have your boiler repaired today.

Warm air heating repair

When it comes to warm air heating repairs, Flair Facilities is the leading specialist in London. Flair Facilities works on all types of HVAC systems in the commercial sector but warm air systems are among some of our most frequent undertakings. This is as they’re widely used in commercial areas due to their energy efficiency, space-saving design, excellent airflow, and versatile range of heat distribution options.

Our team of warm air heating engineers is highly skilled in finding and fixing any and all issues with warm air heating systems. We are available at all hours, any day of the year, so never hesitate to get in touch about your HVAC troubles. If you want to know more about our warm air heating services, please click here!

Heat pump repair

Heat pump systems provide a unique and efficient way to keep your space warm. From ground source heat pumps to air source heat pumps, our expertise covers all types of heat pump solutions. At Flair Facilities, we understand the importance of a seamlessly functioning heating system, and all of our skilled technicians are equipped to handle heat pump repairs promptly and effectively.

Whether you’re experiencing issues with loud noises, insufficient heating, or any other heating concerns, Flair Facilities has the experience and knowledge to diagnose and repair your heat pump system 24/7. All repairs are performed efficiently and effectively, ensuring your heat pumps are back in operation swiftly.

Other system repairs

At Flair Facilities, our commitment to excellence spans across all types of HVAC systems. Nestled in the heart of central London, our proficient team of engineers is at your service 24/7, ready to provide unparalleled HVAC repairs for commercial properties. This includes but isn’t limited to: air con repairs, radiant heating repairs, chiller system repairs, BMS repairs and HIU repairs. HIU repairs are one of our most common undertakings and are often performed for our block management clients, as it is essential to their system for the HIU to separate each individual dwelling into it’s own circuit.

Our HVAC services encompass a wide spectrum, catering to all sizes, makes and models. Don’t let heating irregularities disrupt your comfort – rely on Flair Facilities for unmatched customer care and satisfaction. Book your HVAC repair now by calling 0207 9989 005 and we will aim to be with you within 3 hours in emergency situations.