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Plant room installation, repair & maintenance in Haringey

Haringey plant room installation

Plant rooms act as the brain and heart of your property’s services, being the hub for all HVAC facilities, energy facilities and more! Ensuring that your property has a fine tuned and efficient plant room is essential for daily operations and the safety of your premises also.

At Flair Facilities we can remove your old plant room and equipment, replacing it with a new high-spec plant room installation, which entails all the equipment from your wildest plant room dreams! All plant room installations in Haringey will be conducted by a team of brilliant engineers, with one of our best project managers leading the helm and liaising with yourselves. Simply call 0207 9989 005 to start your plant room installation adventure today!

Haringey plant room upgrades

Installing new plant rooms can be an unholy amount of work and a great deal of new equipment to pay out for. This is where plant room upgrades come into play! Whether you want to reduce your energy bills, account for extra capacity or improve your HVAC systems overall efficiency, Flair Facilities can help achieve all of the above and more.

A lot of our Haringey plant room upgrades involve a new BMS or adding a boiler for extra capacity. Regardless of your requirements, Flair Facilities have a team of engineers and access to the best HVAC technology to make it possible. We can implement all types of HVAC systems and related components. Just make sure to detail your specific requirements when the engineer arrives so no stone is left unturned!

Haringey plant room maintenance

As you may have guessed by now, the maintenance of HVAC equipment is integral to ensuring the appliances meet their desired lifespan and operate at optimum efficiency. As a result, regular plant room maintenance is one of the most important things to consider as it is the home of all your HVAC equipment and more!

Flair Facilities always recommend having annual maintenance scheduled for Haringey plant rooms to ensure unnecessary repairs are avoided and warranties remain valid. If you have any concerns regarding your plant room, a more frequent maintenance schedule may be desirable. After we have assessed your plant room, we can advise on a maintenance schedule for your plant room and act accordingly.

Haringey Areas Covered

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  • Bounds Green
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  • Broadwater Farm
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  • Harringay
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  • Hornsey
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  • Northumberland Park
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  • Seven Sisters
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  • Tottenham
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  • and more!