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Central heating flushing services throughout Southwark

Power Flushing

Power flushing is a key maintenance procedure to ensure your boiler system remains efficient and effective over the years. Over time sludge and debris will build up in your pipework and radiators, due to corrosion and contaminants that make their way into the system. Too remove this, power flushing will use chemicals to loosen any build ups / blockages and then blast the debris out with high velocity water. This will then increase the overall efficiency of your system as it will no longer have to heat up any build ups alongside the water. It can also improve the lifespan of your equipment as it removes the additional strain from the equipment caused by any blockages and build ups of said contaminants. Flair Facilities can offer power flushing throughout Southwark, utilising our expert engineers who have experience on all types of heating systems.

Chemical Flushing

Chemical flushing is pretty much the same as power flushing but without the use of high velocity water. When performing a chemical flush, you will use the same chemicals used in a power flush to loosen any sludge / debris. This will then be left to circulate inside the system with the system’s water later being emptied and replaced. With the end goal being to remove any sludge / debris that was inside the system. Chemical flushing is ideal for older or more fragile heating systems, whereas power flushing is best for stubborn build ups and blockages.

Both power flushing and chemical flushing are available from Flair Facilities, with both always being performed by industry leading gas engineers with years of experience. Please bear in mind that the heating will need to be off whilst the flushing is commencing and will be switched on after. To book your power flush or chemical flush for a Southwark property, please call 0207 9989 005 and boost your heating efficiency today!

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