Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee

The Flair Facilities team supporting a charity  fundraising even at Southwick Community Centre

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The Diamond Jubilee At The Southwick Community Centre:

To celebrate 70 years of our grand majesty on the throne the Flair Facilities team partook in a charity fundraising event at and for the amazing Southwick Community Centre.

The Southwick Community Centre itself has been operating for 76 years, which is why it feels a personal connection to the royal family having witnessed her monumental journey of grandeur to becoming the beloved icon we know today. The location is a beautiful grade 2 listed building whose original purpose was as a farm, retaining a lot of its stylistic character with modern aspects being added to compliment the contemporary structure of the property.

If you didn’t know, the Southwick Community Centre is also the location of one of our customer service offices and we take great pride in being a part of our beloved yet mélange family that has formed here. The community centre is managed by a group of volunteers with a few hardworking employees that work relentlessly to provide a safe social space for all within the local area. You could say the centre is the backbone or nexus of the community but they offer so much more that words simply can’t describe.

The Flair Facilities team with the diamond jubilee artwork

What was on?

In traditional British etiquette, ploughman’s lunches were on offer all day from the centre’s fabulous cafe alongside their eminent bar which was unsurprisingly busy with a line out the door (again in good British fashion).

Other entertainment entailed a variety of shows provided by the Performing Arts School and the Pauline Quirke Academy of performing arts, showcasing a broad range of young talent in the form of dance, music and theatre.

To top the day off there was also other activities to enjoy, such as a crown making workshop, a badge making workshop, a candy floss machine, a locally sourced farmers market, an all-sorts market with bric-a-brac stalls and a handmade model stall to name just a few.

As you can imagine the workshops and candyfloss were immensely popular with the children, although this didn’t prevent any adults from participating as many were seen in a hyperactive sugar rush and making a new jubilee themed broach.

To put things plainly, there was something for everyone to participate in no matter the age. The Southwick Community Centre was extremely successful in organising a day that brought the entire local community together in rejoice for our royal family. 

Don’t forget you can see our full coverage of the days events via our gallery at the bottom of the page!

Our role

Our role within this action packed day was to man the candy floss machine and badge making station. 

Despite our expertise being in complex commercial boiler systems, Thad (our office manager) was still vastly confused by how to make the cotton candy sticks but was amazing at making a cotton candy hand! Once Tyler arrived (our marketing specialist), Thad and his luminous pink hands were relieved of their duties and an equilibrium was established in which the cotton candy remained on the sticks.

Danny (our coordination officer) took charge of the badge making workshop and seemed to enjoy his time making the badges more than any of his customers. To say the least there were badges of every colour flying through the air like a giant rainbow with Danny as the leprechaun at the end of it.

At Danny’s detest he was removed from his station to take a break, and Mike (our SEO specialist) took over the role. Albeit more formal than his predecessor, Mike created some truly astounding and innovative badges which attracted an older audience and subsequently, left anyone in range showered in glitter whilst adding some much needed bedazzle to the crowd.

An amazing night

To top off the night’s events there was some glorious stained-glass artwork revealed that had a jubilee / coastal theme which was made  by the local children and parents. These pieces can now be spotted around the centre’s courtyard so make sure to keep your eyes peeled when next visiting the Southwick Community Centre.

As the evening started to wind down we were all serenaded by the soothing sounds of Bobby Aspey’s keyboard marvelry, whilst revelling in our full bellies and sense of achievement from pulling off such a spectacular event.

Bobby is another fellow  resident at the community centre who teaches people of any age to play the keyboard from a beginning to an advanced level.

Finally, before the night concluded our office manager made a generous donation of £300 to Southwick Community Centre. This was to thank the community centre and staff for their incredible hospitality towards us, and their never ending mission to make the local area a better environment for anyone and everyone! 

Our beloved community centre always has an array of activities and events going on, from after school workshops to theatre productions; to find out more about any of this please visit their website by clicking here.