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Our Services

Commercial Gas & Boiler Services Ltd offer comprehensive industrial and commercial HVAC solutions, repairs and maintenance for companies in London and the surrounding areas. With our HQ based in Central London, we have experienced design consultants and specialist engineers ready to implicate bespoke designed technology to cater for all of your heating, hot water, ventilation and air conditioning requirements.

Systems & Equipment

CGBS installs, repairs and maintains a variety of components covering every element of the HVAC sector; using industry leading technology alongside our custom designs and processes, we can provide you with the best solution available for your property.

Cascade Boilers

Boiler Systems

Commercial Gas And Boiler Services can offer a fully comprehensive design and commercial boiler installation service, to ensure that our clients have a heating system that meets and excels future expectations at a cost-effective budget that suits their financial situation.

A close up of air conditioning units

Air Conditioning Systems

At CGBS we have a team of dedicated London air con engineers who are fully qualified and able to perform the installation and repair of all types of air conditioning units. We can also offer ongoing maintenance or block management contracts for any London property with an AC system.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Systems

CGBS maintains, repairs, installs and services all types of heat pumps throughout London frequently. We cover all major brands and types, including air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps. So whether you want your heat pump to fuel your radiators or to provide hot water, CGBS has got you covered!

A powrmatic warm air heater installed

Warm Air Systems

All of our communal engineers are well versed in the installation and repair of industrial and commercial warm air systems. We can fully manage your projects from design and planning to a full supply and installation with a service package, offering brands such as: Ambirad, Reznor, Spaceray and much more!

A commercial HVAC plant room with a large chiller system

Chiller Systems

We understand that having a functional and efficient chiller system is crucial for the success and comfort of your business or establishment. This is why we offer a comprehensive range of chiller services throughout London that cater to your every need, all performed by experienced chiller engineers.

Radiant Heater Installation & Repair

Radiant Heaters

CGBS have a team of design specialists and engineers whose primary focus is radiant heaters. This way we can ensure that any space or property you may have is heated to highest quality, with your properties individual requirements tended to and fully addressed, giving the best solution for you.

a modern commercial boiler plant room

HVAC Plant Rooms

At CGBS we offer new plant room installations; ripping out the old plant room and replacing it with a brand new fully comprehensive solution, boasting the best technology within the HVAC sector. We also offer upgrades for existing plant rooms that need improvements on efficiency and output.

large modern flue attached to the side of a warehouse

Custom Flues & Chimneys

Flues are a specialty of ours at CGBS. We are extremely well versed in the history, rules and regulations surrounding chimneys and flues. We also have decades of experience designing and installing our own tailor made flue systems to provide innovative and effective solutions.

commercial catering kitchen with hobs and stoves

Catering Equipment

At CGBS we have a team of experienced engineers all with varying qualifications that cover all catering appliances with years of experience to back their vast knowledge. All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and carry our all works in line with the Gas Safe Register regulations.

A building management system in use


Our BMS engineers will make sure that your building management system enables you to connect, monitor and operate your facility easily. We ensure to do our very best by providing our customers and clients with an excellent service alongside years of unparalleled expertise.

a gas boiler plant room that has a gas interlock installed

Gas Interlock Systems

We can custom design and install gas interlock systems to integrate with any commercial equipment and system, including your property’s BMS (building management system), for a user friendly experience that can improve your the safety of your premises 10 fold.

3 gas burners installed in a commercial plant room

Gas Burners

Gas burners are the component that regulates the oxygen and fuel used in the combustion process, and then ignites it. Burners control the amount of each to allow for the maximum efficiency to be achieved from the combustion process your boiler uses to heat the hot water it needs for the required system.

a gas booster pump installation

Gas Booster Pumps

A gas booster pump is primarily a solution to increasing and maintaining the pressure of  gas into a boiler system. With a few modifications to your existing pipework, we can install a gas booster to ensure that your equipment is getting the fuel needed to run correctly and safely. 

Multi-coloured self-regulating trace heat cables

Trace Heating

Electric trace heating is a system used to raise or maintain the temperature of pipework and the substance it carries (usually water). Heat trace systems control the temperature by utilising cables that run along the pipework, these cables are then electrically charged to transmit heat.

copper pipe background

Custom Pipework

With over 40 years experience in the commercial and industrial sector, we are able to deliver the highest level of quality for all your gas pipework needs. All of our pipework systems are tailor made for your property and the process is fully customisable in which we can add many additional components.

Commercial pipe lagging / insulation in boiler plant room

Pipe Lagging & Insulation

One area that often gets overlooked are hot water and heating pipes and it’s estimated that up to 20-25% of energy is lost from poorly insulated pipes. Commercial Gas Boilers Services Ltd can carry out all your pipe lagging requirements and check or audit the efficiency of your existing pipework.

underwater shot from inside a swimming pool

Swimming Pool Boilers

We can assist with any swimming pool boiler enquiries as we have our own in-house swimming pool heating specialists that have years of experience implementing bespoke swimming pool boiler solutions, as well as being Gas Safe registered and fully qualified to work on swimming pool heating systems.

Additional Services

We offer a 24/7 (365 days of the year) emergency repair service in the Greater London area for both domestic and commercial emergencies. We also offer other additional services, such as, gas purging and gas safety checks for all types of gas-fired systems and equipment!

Boiler Warning Light

Emergency Repairs

At CGBS, we understand how frustrating it can be to have a broken HVAC system. That’s why we offer a reliable and fast 24/7 emergency call-out service in London and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team of emergency HVAC  and gas engineers are expertly trained to fix any issue.

equipment used for purging gas from a central heating system

Gas Purging

We offer a full range of gas purging services and gas tightness testing procedures with no job too big or small; from purging into service, pre-demolition purging, all the way through to pipework installation and is available at highly competitive prices to commercial property owners and businesses.

close up of apartment blocks

Maintenance Contracts & Block Management

As specialists in the commercial HVAC sector with decades of experience, CGBS have a great level of expertise in regards to maintenance contracts, block management and large communal dwellings. At this moment in time we offer, a standard package and a customisable major package.

Gas Safety Check Sheet

Gas Safety Checks

Gas safety is nothing to joke about, but no one said it has to be difficult! We offer gas safety checks for all types of gas appliance, ranging from boiler gas safety inspections to catering equipment gas safety inspections. Our GSC service is carried out by the best gas engineers using meticulous procedures

Boiler Pipe Work and Gauges

Power & Chemical Flushing

CGBS are one of the most trusted providers of commercial power flushing and chemical flushing services for central heating systems in London and its surrounding areas. We understand the importance of having a properly functioning central heating system, especially during the colder months.

a burst pipe leaking water

Gas & Water Leak Detection

If you suspect you have a gas or water leak, you should contact a specialist leak detection company immediately, as delaying can be both costly, disruptive and dangerous. At CGBS, we have fully qualified Gas Safe registered commercial gas engineers on hand who can investigate the leak and remedy it.