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At Flair Facilities, we understand how frustrating it can be to have a broken boiler or HVAC system. That’s why we offer a reliable and fast 24/7 emergency call-out service in London and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team of emergency gas engineers and HVAC engineers are expertly trained to fix any issue, at any time of the day or night. We aim to be with you in emergency situations within 3 hours, but we always strive to get to you sooner if possible.

We understand how important heating and hot water is to a business, especially during the colder months. That’s why we prioritise emergency calls and work to fix the problem as efficiently and as soon as possible. Whether your pipes are leaking or you have no hot water, our team is on hand to provide a permanent solution.

All of our gas engineers are members of the Gas Safe Register, meaning they are highly trained and fully qualified to carry out repairs safely and to the highest standard. You can trust in us to provide fast and efficient service while ensuring your safety. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your boiler and HVAC emergency repair needs!

Emergency Call Out FAQs

Your questions about emergency call outs answered

The price of an emergency call-out varies on the amount of time spent at the property and the amount of engineers needed; emergency call-out rates are £250 per hour, per engineer. As expected, emergency call-outs can lead to unexpected problems not easily foreseen, so estimating the amount of time that will be spent at site is no easy feat until an engineer arrives to inspect the situation.

When attending emergency call-outs we always aim to be at the property as soon as possible. This time can vary as you may be round the corner from one of our engineers, who will then be able to be at your property within minutes. You may be on the other side of London on a day with extremely heavy traffic and other emergency call-outs taking place, this would make the arrival time considerably longer. We always aim to be at emergency call-outs within a maximum of 3 hours and in most circumstances this is easily achievable. Please bear in mind the 3 hour time frame is no guarantee and is subject to the circumstances at the time e.g. location, traffic and other external factors.

Unfortunately there is no definitive time detailed within UK law that heating must be fixed by if broken. It does say in the 1985 Landlord & Tenant Act that repairs should be carried out in a “reasonable time”, as a rule of thumb a reasonable amount of time is normally considered to be either 24 or 48 hours when involving heating and hot water. This can be subject to change e.g. if the heating isn’t working but its the middle of summer and is hot outside, then what classes as reasonable time may be longer than 48 hours.

Absolutely, any information regarding the emergency call-out will be very helpful for our engineers. Knowing the boiler model, any details about the issue and any other information about the system will allow our engineers to arrive fully prepared for the issue and to address it as quickly as possible.

*Optional image or document upload. Details of current boiler such as photos of boiler/plant room and boiler plate with make and model no.