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CGBS Are Specialists In The Installation & Repair Of All HVAC Systems

At CGBS we have a team of dedicated London air con engineers with qualifications from City & Guilds, LCL and BESA, allowing them to perform AC installation, AC repair and AC maintenance on all types of air conditioning units. For our London air conditioning installation service, we design custom and bespoke air con systems utilising equipment from industry leading brands (e.g. LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Fujitsu, Daikin, Amcor and more!), to provide you with a tailor made commercial air conditioning system that specifically matches the requirements of your property.

Moving on to our London air conditioner repair service, our air con engineers are fully qualified and experienced to work on every component of any HVAC system, be it a multi-split ducted air conditioning system, a VRF system or a standard monoblock window air conditioner. CGBS offer a 24/7 air con service and can carry out any air conditioner repairs to prevent downtime with your AC system. For our emergency service, we always aim to be at your property within a maximum of 3 hours but this is dependant on the proximity of our F-gas engineers in relation to the given location and the traffic, meaning the time is quite often shorter but can be longer under certain circumstances.

Finally, CGBS offer ongoing air conditioning maintenance contacts for any property in London and our AC engineers have a vast amount of experience with maintenance contracts and block management, concerning the maintenance of commercial air conditioning systems in properties like large tower office blocks and sizeable factories. Any work performed by CGBS will be fully F-gas compliant and performed by qualified HVAC engineers to the highest degree possible. For more information or to make a booking please don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 phone number, 0207 9989 005!

A HVAC engineer repairing an air con unit.
The ducting for a commercial air con system

Regas or recharge your air conditioner

Is your commercial air con not running as cold as it used to? Quite often this means that you will need an air con regassing, also known as an air con recharge. This simply entails replacing the refrigerant fluid inside your commercial air con system, something that sounds easy in hindsight but can be much more difficult than it seems when dealing with giant and complex HVAC systems.

Luckily for you, CGBS have years of experience performing air conditioner regassing on many different types of ac systems. To book an air conditioner regas just give us a call on 0207 9989 005 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Types Of AC Systems

Monoblock air conditioners: wall mounted air con units, floor mounted air con units and window air con units.

Split air conditioning systems: wall mounted air con units, floor mounted air con units, suspended air con units, ducted air conditioning and ceiling cassette air conditioners.

Multi-split air conditioning systems: wall mounted air con units, floor mounted air con units, suspended air con units, ducted air conditioning and ceiling cassette air conditioners.

VRF systems / VRV systems: variable refrigerant flow systems / variable refrigerant volume systems.

Hot & cold systems: we can also design and install HVAC systems that provide warm air heating via heat pumps and air conditioning via AC units, by utilising a ducted system.

*please note we may have missed some types of air conditioning systems but this doesn’t mean we will not install, repair or maintain said systems. CGBS are qualified and able to work on all types of HVAC systems, if you have any questions or queries on the matter just click the button below!*

Main Sectors For AC Work Requests

Offices: As we all know, working in a hot environment can make you feel stressed, lethargic and even reduce your attention span. After many studies over many years, it is now a well known fact that having an air conditioning system in your office can boost productivity levels (some studies finding it can increase productivity up to 25%)! When considering this it is no wonder in environments with lots of IT equipment and people benefit greatly from the installation of commercial air conditioners.

Schools, colleges and universities: In light of the fact on productivity stated above it is probably quite clear why air conditioners are essential for students learning in the hot summer months. I am sure most of us can remember sitting in a hot and stuffy classroom, struggling to get any work done at all between the stress and short attention span the unbearable heat induces. This is why AC systems are becoming a more common occurrence in schools throughout the UK. In the wise words of Whitney Houston, “children are our future” and we all know the impact a hot summers day can have on a classroom’s work output!

Retail outlets and food outlets: Another situation we can all remember is walking around a busy town centre in the middle of summer and feeling blessed by the HVAC gods once you’ve found a shop or restaurant with a good air con system. Not only can a decent air conditioner entice people to come into your shop or restaurant, it can be a  persuasive factor in prolonging their stay and the longer they stay in your shop the more likely they’re to make a purchase. This is a good enough reason alone to install air conditioning, let alone before you consider the productivity benefits for staff. I know … when put like that, air conditioning is a no brainer for your retail or food outlet!

Health care facilities: Something not often considered when asking the age old question, whether to AC or not to AC is the health benefits they entail. Everyone knows that bacteria grows and spreads at a much faster rate in warm environments, obviously not only will an air conditioner help prevent this but it will also purify and disinfect the air inside of a room. These reasons make air conditioning a given for any health care facility wanting to maintain a clean and sterile environment.

Server rooms: If the nature of a business is heavily reliant on its server room, a properly designed air conditioning system is probably one of the most integral pieces of equipment for a business other than the IT hardware. For the hardware in a server room to operate as efficiently as possible the temperature of the equipment needs to be kept at an optimal level, and server rooms can kick off an incredible amount of heat thanks to the equipment constantly running and producing high temperatures as a by-product. Air conditioning systems for server rooms need to have their output carefully calculated to make sure they can meet the needs of the room with ease and also the possibility of any future hardware being installed needs to be considered so any extra heat output will be accounted for.

AC System FAQs

Your questions about air conditioning answered

On average an air conditioning system will last anywhere between 10 and 20 years if the equipment installed is of a high quality and is frequently maintained. Obviously some parts are subject to more wear and tear than others, meaning they might need to be replaced as part of the maintenance.

If your AC system has an output of 12kW or over it will legally need to be inspected at a bare minimum of once every 5 years by an accredited air conditioning energy assessor. Although this inspection will give you a report detailing things like the efficiency of the system, any faults and improvements or maintenance that is recommended, it will not involve the conduction of any maintenance works.

With a service on your AC system basic maintenance works will be performed and recommendations for further works will be given. At CGBS we recommend having your AC system serviced once a year alongside any recommended works suggested as a result of the service. This ensures your air conditioning will maintain peak performance with a long and healthy lifespan.

In theory anyone can install air conditioning if they believe they’re competent to do so but once the  equipment is installed, the system will need gassing and commissioning. This gassing and commissioning will legally need to be performed by a qualified F-gas engineer. The process of doing this can be expensive and it will often be more cost effective to have the engineer install, gas and commission the air conditioning system in its entirety.

In theory, refrigerant in air con units should last forever as the system is a closed loop in which the refrigerant is recycled and reused constantly. The only time refrigerant will need to be replaced is when there is a leak in the system and the refrigerant is escaping. 

R22 (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) was the most commonly used refrigerant in air conditioner systems but in 2004 R22 was banned for use in any new air con systems. In 2015 the regulations were further tightened, making it illegal to use additional R22 to repair or maintain any existing systems. Meaning that if you had an old AC unit which needed to be regassed with R22 due to a leak it would either need to be replaced or an alternative refrigerant found.

Systems using R22 can still be used but no additional R22 can be added to the system when needed. The reason for this ban on R22 is because it was found to be an ozone depleting substance and is incredibly damaging to the environment.

Whether you can use an alternative refrigerant in your old air conditioner that uses R22 is entirely dependant on the model of the unit. Some air conditioners are able to use alternative refrigerants, some are able to do with upgraded components (e.g. compressor, condenser, evaporator and refrigerant tubing) and some will air cons will simply need to be replaced.

Some of the alternatives to R22 are: R410A, R134A, R407C, R407A, M099 and RS-44B.

*Optional image or document upload. Details of current boiler such as photos of boiler/plant room and boiler plate with make and model no.