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What Is A Building Management System (BMS)?

A BMS (sometimes known as a Building Automation System or BAS) is a computer programme used to control and automate a variety of different aspects related to a commercial property; some of the aspects a BMS controls and manages are ventilation, lighting, fire systems, security, energy and most importantly HVAC systems (e.g. boilers, air conditioning, heat pumps, chiller systems, warm air systems, radiant heating systems and so on.)

They are ultimately utilised to improve the efficiency of all these property components and to save time by allowing them to be remotely controlled from one programme, rather than having to go to the respective room related to each aspect e.g. the security room, the plant room and so on. Using a BMS you can easily check the data on all of these systems on one interface making it easier to manage and maintain a property on one integrated system. A BMS is greatly beneficial to the maintenance of a property due to accurate data they record via the sensors throughout the system making it a straightforward and simple process to identify any faulty equipment. If any fault or danger within the system is detected the BMS will then shut down the relevant equipment to prevent any knock-on effects or hazards occurring. For example, if a fire alarm is set off the BMS will then shut down the boiler plant room and unnecessary lighting to prevent the risk of an explosion or escalating the fire when set up accordingly. A BMS can be custom designed and set up to do an array of different tasks in varying circumstances, this entirely relies on the programming implicated within your BMS.

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Take back control of your building’s energy use

A well-designed automated building management system (BMS) can help improve your business’s energy cost and carbon footprint. Here at Commercial Gas & Boiler Services Ltd, our BMS engineers will design, build, install and maintain the perfect system for your needs that can monitor energy usage and target any areas that could be improved, bringing you one step closer to contributing to a greener future whilst improving cost-efficiency. Additionally, a well designed system can increase staff productivity and increase the comfort conditions in each room. 

Our BMS’ can be built with remote monitoring software, which will allow you to make changes remotely and to be alerted if there are any outages or issues that need actioning. 

Once an audit of your requirements is drawn up and the design is in place and agreed, we will select the best components for your individual needs and the installation will proceed. Our engineers will keep you informed every step of the way for a seamless design and installation. If there are any changes or updates you would like to implement once your BMS is up and running, this can be arranged and would come under our BMS maintenance services or an ongoing maintenance contract.

BMS Design and Installation

Excellent Service

We ensure to do our very best by providing our customers and client with an excellent service and years of unparalleled expertise, when it comes to building management system (BMS) designs and installations. Once the job is done, our BMS engineers will make sure that your building management system enables you to connect, monitor and operate your facility easily. To book in your BMS audit give us a call today and our friendly customer service agents will organise a day with you for a BMS engineer to attend your property.


Your questions about BMS answered

A Building Management System (BMS) is a fully-computer controlled system to manage and track a wide range of electrical and mechanical components of a building, including but not limited to: ventilation, heating, air conditioning, lighting, fire safety systems and building security. Smart sensors are installed in the various components of the building and relayed to a database (which can also be accessed remotely), these sensors can trigger alarms if a component relays data outside pre-defined parameters and they can provide detailed information on the operation of said systems.

Yes, many systems can be controlled and monitored remotely via computer or phone app. Most modern BMS have this feature available but some older models may not be able to be controlled remotely.

Even small buildings can benefit from having a BMS installed. Whilst you may not need all the features of a BMS, the advantages of controlling your building’s services remotely, coupled with the benefits of better energy efficiency and enhanced safety can be a considerable advantage.

Because everything is optimised and controlled by a computer system a BMS can make running a building more energy efficient with up to 40% savings. It does this by ensuring the equipment connected to your BMS isn’t wasting energy unnecessarily, making sure that everything is only operating when needed and is only using the energy actually required by the machinery.

The cost of a BMS is very much dependent on the size of the building and the amount of components that the system needs to track. A small building can start at £10,000, a block of flats can start at £30,000 but a hospital or university campus would be considerably more.

There are many BMS manufacturers in the UK, among the most popular are: Honeywell, TREND and Tridium to name but a few. We can maintain and install all brands of BMS as we have a wide range of engineers covering all qualifications.

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