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Boiler Installations, Repairs and Servicing! Flair Facilities Cover It All.

Commercial Gas And Boiler Services have a team of commercial heating engineers in London who can offer a full system design,  commercial boiler installation, commercial boiler repair and boiler servicing to ensure that our clients have a heating and hot water system that meets and excels your future expectations at a budget that suits your pocket.

Our boiler installations are definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario and are bespoke to our client’s individual needs. We can supply, install, repair and service all types of commercial boilers in every area of London, with a power output starting from 12kW through to 1.5mW. The power output can be scaled even higher to any that is required using a cascade system. Our specialist boiler engineers in London can also install any other component your commercial heating system may need.

Many components are often custom designed in-house and manufactured by our own heating engineers. This allows us to create bespoke solutions specifically tailored towards your property, in order to meet any specifications you may need no matter how large or small. To book a commercial boiler installation, boiler repair or boiler service for premises in or around London, click the button below to call our office and arrange a boiler engineer to visit your property. Our phone lines are open 24/7 for those of you requiring an emergency call-out service.

Boiler Services Offered

Boiler installation

Flair Facilities is a leading provider of boiler installation services in and around London. Our team of highly skilled and experienced boiler engineers are dedicated to delivering top quality results for every project, ensuring that each installation is tailored to our clients’ individual requirements and property whilst remaining cost-effective. Our commercial boiler installation services are designed to provide a full range of options for businesses: from new installations to system upgrades and replacements. 

We use only the most advanced technology and equipment to ensure that every project is completed to the highest standards of safety, performance and sustainability. So, if you require commercial heating system installation or boiler installation services, look no further than Flair Facilities! Our team of experienced boiler engineers will work with you to ensure that your needs are met, keeping your property warm, comfortable and cost effective all year round. Call now to book your free, no obligation boiler installation quote.

Boiler repair

At Flair Facilities, we take pride in providing our esteemed customers with commercial boiler repair services. Our unmatched level of customer care ensures that we accompany you every step of the way to guarantee a unbeatable and satisfactory experience. We are conveniently located in the heart of central London, and our proficient team of London boiler repair engineers are always available to provide practical and cost-effective solutions to get your equipment back up and running in no time.

Flair Facilities have a diverse range of skilled engineers that includes general boiler repair experts who can handle everyday boiler troubles, alongside specialist boiler engineers with expertise in complex areas like BMS’, CHP systems, and green energy. Our vast network of boiler technicians enables us to repair any type of boiler, from gas-fired to electric and LPG, and to fix any component relevant to your boiler system. When calling Flair Facilities for a boiler repair you can always rest easy knowing your boiler is getting the due attention it deserves and needs!

Boiler servicing & maintenance

Flair Facilities offers comprehensive boiler servicing packages to ensure that your boiler system is running smoothly and efficiently all year round. These packages are bespoke to each property, allowing us to make sure each system has all of its bases covered and tended to with a great deal of care. Our team of highly trained engineers have a wealth of experience in providing first rate boiler services for all types of boilers, including gas, electric and LPG boilers in and around London. 

Regular boiler servicing and maintenance is essential to keep your manufacturer and labour warranty valid. Moreover, it can help you save money on your energy bills by reducing your energy consumption by making sure your boiler is reaching the highest levels of efficiency possible for your boiler model. This isn’t only great for your wallet but also great for the environment as unnecessary energy consumption can have an adverse affect on the environment and uses precious resources that could be better used elsewhere.

Our boiler servicing comes with a complete inspection and cleaning of the entire boiler system, including gas burners, gas valves, expansion vessels, and the isolations valves for the boiler. We’ll also top up the pressure, inspect the pipework, test the shunt pumps and any other directly related components for signs of leakage or wear. Additionally, we’ll inspect your boiler flue to ensure it’s in working order and is in good condition. Gas safety inspections can be included to ensure your boiler is not only running efficiently but running safely to boot.

Flair Facilities can perform a service on any type of boiler in and around London, so whether you need a gas boiler service, an electric boiler service or an LPG boiler service don’t hesitate to get in touch and give our 24/7 helpline a call on 0207 9989 005. We also offer ongoing maintenance packages and block management for entire HVAC systems and large commercial properties that need a dedicated level of service established. For  more information on when is best to book your boiler service, click here!

Types Of Boilers Covered

The future

Flair Facilities is pleased to announce that it now offers hydrogen-ready heating and hot water solutions by leading brands such as Rinnai and Vaillant. With the inevitable switch over from natural gas to hydrogen, it’s important to make sure your heating system is ready to take the next step in technology. By choosing our hydrogen-ready solutions, you can help create a greener future by reducing your carbon emissions. This will make a significant contribution towards meeting the UK’s net-zero carbon target by 2050. So let us help you upgrade your heating system today and be a part of the transition to hydrogen. Together we can create a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Our clients

We undertake both large and small heating system projects in the Greater London area and surrounding suburbs, and we have extensive experience working with a wide range of commercial sectors, including:  city hotels, restaurants, health care facilities (surgeries, care homes, hospitals, vets), embassies, large offices, factories, warehouses, communal buildings (luxury apartment blocks, high-rise apartment blocks), large public buildings, swimming pools, manufacturing plants and power stations. We also have an emergency repair service available, for clients in a sticky situation needs their boiler system tended to in a hurry!

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Boiler Installation FAQs

Your questions about boiler installations answered

The cost of a new boiler largely depends on the size and type of boiler you want installed and the specifications it needs to meet. New boilers can cost anywhere between £500 and £3,000 for a standard domestic system, the installation cost is then based off how long it will take to install the boiler. Our hourly rates for an engineer in working hours (weekdays between 9am and 5pm) are £175 per hour, per engineer and our day rates are £1100 for one engineer and £1800 for two. If out of hours (5pm – 9pm on weekdays, weekends and holidays) work is required the rate is £250 per hour, per engineer. The cost of the boiler can go above £3,000 if your property requires a larger output than a singular boiler can provide as a cascade system using multiple boilers will have to be implemented. The cost can also increase if you require other equipment on top of your boiler e.g. BMS, gas burners, gas booster pumps and gas interlock systems.

If the boiler is gas-fired then it is a legal requirement for a Gas Safe registered engineer with the correct qualifications to install the boiler. If the boiler is LPG or Oil they will also need to have the correct certification and qualifications e.g. an OFTEC certified engineer. If the boiler is electric and domestic as well as not rented then you can technically install your own electric boiler but this is not recommended for safety reasons. You may also need to have the boiler reinstalled by a qualified engineer if you plan on selling or renting out the property.

If you are strictly talking about a new boiler and not a new heating system, then there will generally only be a slight increase to the value added to the property. If you install a new heating system including all new radiators and pipework, the increase will be much greater but by comparison, a heating system will not increase the value as much as a loft conversion so the increase in value needs to be relative to the amount you are investing in the heating system. You also need to consider the existing boiler in the property, as if the boiler being replaced is really old then obviously the value will increase further. There are varying arguments for the exact amount a new boiler will increase your property’s value by, with most saying around 4% or £8000 for a £2000 – £3000 boiler installation but again this is dependent on many different factors. If you are selling your property and the boiler is not functioning correctly or is considerably old, we recommend a replacement to not add further complications in relation to selling your property.

Depending on the efficiency of a boiler installed and the boiler it is replacing, you can expect to save up to 30% on your energy bill. Most new boilers have an efficiency rating above 90%, whereas older boilers were around 60 – 70%; look out for the term A-rated as this means that the boiler does in fact have an efficiency rating above 90%. If the boiler you are replacing already has a high efficiency level then it is unlikely you will see a drastic reduction in your bills, as it will not use less fuel if the efficiency is already at a high level. Another benefit of replacing an old boiler with a new one is the amount of carbon produced, a new boiler will significantly reduce your carbon footprint especially if the boiler being replaced is 10 years or older.

Most gas boilers on the market today will be able to run on a mix of 80% natural gas and 20% methane, although we do recommend checking with the manufacturer beforehand to be certain. Many gas boilers will also be able to be easily converted to run on 100% hydrogen, with the main issue being the availability of hydrogen. Natural gas is readily available across most of the country by the natural gas grid in the UK, whereas hydrogen as a fuel source doesn’t have this infrastructure in place. So despite your gas boiler most likely being able to run on hydrogen sourcing the fuel is a different story entirely.

Gas boilers can still legally be installed, the reason people think this isn’t the case is due to proposed legislation that detailed banning gas boilers from being installed in new build homes from 2025. This legislation has not been passed and therefore isn’t official but even if it does pass this only affects new build homes, meaning that older homes will still be able to have their existing gas boilers replaced with new gas boilers. For more detailed information on the topic please read our article.

Electric boilers can actually be the most expensive type of boiler to run. As of  2022, the price of electricity is on average around £0.20 – £0.30 per kWh, whereas natural gas is £0.04 – £0.5 per kWh, LPG on average is £0.07 – £0.08 per kWh and oil is £0.05 – £0.06 per kWh. So despite electric boilers normally being more efficient than other types of boilers, it doesn’t make up for the price of the energy being more than 3x the amount than the fuel used in other types of boilers. On the other hand if you use a renewable means of generating electricity then the costs can be significantly cheaper.

Electric boilers are more efficient than gas. Electric boilers normally have 99% – 100% efficiency, whereas new gas boilers have an efficiency rating around 90% – 95%. This is because the electricity used by an electric boiler is converted to heat straight away which heats the water but gas boilers lose some of the heat in the combustion process by heat dissipation. So yes, electric boilers are more efficient than gas but not by much, especially with the technology of gas boilers constantly improving.

Yes, LPG boilers need to have a gas safety check performed annually just like natural gas boilers. This is a legal requirement for all commercial properties and leased properties, it also needs to be performed by a gas engineer with the correct qualifications to work on LPG boilers.

The efficiency of LPG boilers can vary depending on the model and brand. Generally, modern LPG boilers are designed to be highly efficient, on average most achieve around 90% efficiency. However, this level of efficiency is always increasing due to technology and energy developments.

*Optional image or document upload. Details of current boiler such as photos of boiler/plant room and boiler plate with make and model no.