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Gas booster pump installation and replacement

Gas booster pump installations and replacements require specialist expertise and experience to ensure that the manufacturers’ designs and specifications are adhered to including regulations such as BS 8487:2007 (The design and construction of gas boosters used in association with combustion equipment). You can rest assured that our experienced, Gas Safe registered engineers are fully qualified to undertake the fitting of gas booster pumps in order to meet the demanding operating standards required. We always work with industry leading brands and in relation to gas booster pumps, these are often Riello and Nu-way.

Our specialist design team will provide a solution with the perfect equipment that will suit your needs. This includes but is not limited to boilers, gas boosters, CHPs, pumps, pressurisation units and much more, all the way to the required pipework and fittings so our designs comply with industry standards and regulations.

Gas Booster Pump

What Is A Gas Booster Pump And Why Would I Need One?

A gas booster pump is primarily a solution to increasing and maintaining the pressure of  gas into a boiler system. As it sounds, the booster will enable the gas pressure to reach sufficient levels for your boilers, burners and power engines to operate in line with manufacturers’ instructions and the various regulations.

If you are in an area with low gas pressure and your new gas-powered equipment will not operate, there may be an alternative, cheaper and less disruptive solution in comparison to upgrading the gas supplier’s pipework.

This would be to make a few modifications to the existing pipework and to install a gas booster to ensure that your equipment is getting the fuel needed to run correctly and safely.

Gas Booster Pump FAQs

Your questions about gas booster pumps answered

A gas booster pump is a piece of equipment that increases the pressure and flow rate of gas into your boiler, also keeping it at a constant rate.

A gas booster is often needed if you have larger commercial equipment that requires a higher flow rate to operate or in some circumstances a property may simply have a lower flow rate given by the mains gas supply than normal, requiring a gas booster to meet the requirements of the connected equipment.

The size gas booster pump needed for a heating system is dependant on a variety of different parameters. You will need to know the maximum pressure your system can withstand, you will also need to know the required flow rate and discharge pressure (the working pressure not the maximum). Other measurements you will need to know are: the required fill time for your pressure, the gas supply pressure for your property and the drive pressure (minimum pressure for your system throughout a typical day). As a variety of lesser known measurements are needed to size a gas booster pump, we always recommend having a professional assist to ensure the right type is purchased for your system. If you want help with a gas booster pump please call 0207 9989 005 and we can assist throughout the whole process from selection to installation.

The lifespan of a gas booster pump can vary depending on the gas booster pump being used and how often it is used. An average gas booster pump is designed to last for 15 million cycles and are designed to operate at a maximum of 100 cycles per minute (CPM). Therefore if you had your gas booster pump operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it would last roughly 104 days. This was calculated by dividing the cycle life by the CPM (15m / 100 = 150,000), then dividing the result by the number of minutes in an hour (150,000 / 60 = 2500) which gives you how many hours the gas booster pump should last and finally dividing this by 24 hours (2500 / 24 = 104).

*Optional image or document upload. Details of current boiler such as photos of boiler/plant room and boiler plate with make and model no.