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Gas Burner Installation & Repair

As you may expect, due to our vast expertise in relation to boilers, we are also incredibly well versed in regards to the ins and outs of gas burners. At CGBS we can install, repair and maintain all types and brands of gas burners, ensuring this essential component of your heating system gets the lifespan it deserves, whilst operating at maximum efficiency. If you still haven’t the foggiest what this amazing piece of heating equipment is, don’t worry! The next section should answer all your questions and more some.

What Are Gas Burners?

Gas burners are the component that regulates the oxygen and fuel used in the combustion process, and then ignites it. Burners control the amount of each to allow for the maximum efficiency to be achieved from the combustion process your boiler uses to heat the hot water it needs for the required system. Burners can use a variety of fuel types such as coal, oil and propane (LPG), but the most common within the heating sector is natural gas (hence the focus of this page). You can also have dual fuel burners that are able to function on two different fuel types. When looking at gas burners you will find that there are two types: post-mix and pre-mix. Post-mix burners deliver the fuel and oxygen separately, allowing them to mix together inside of the furnace; pre-mix burners mix the oxygen and fuel together before delivering it to the furnace to be ignited. Pre-mix burners typically allow for a more efficient combustion as the ratio of fuel to oxygen can be regulated to a higher degree.

As a by-product of the combustion process poisonous gases such as NOx (Nitrous Oxide) and CO (Carbon Monoxide) are produced, burner technology is constantly evolving to reduce the amount of these gases produced. Low NOx burners typically produce around 40 – 30 ppm of NOx whereas normal burners produce around 100 ppm, they achieve this by creating a precise mixture that creates larger and more branched flames. By having flames such as these it reduces the peak flame temperature which in turn creates a fuel rich but oxygen deficient environment, allowing for less NOx to be produced from the absence of oxygen and also less fuel to be consumed due to the lower temperature, which increases efficiency. At CGBS we mainly work on low NOx gas burners as these are the most common types used in boiler systems.

Why we recommend Riello

At CGBS we always recommend for our clients to go with Riello gas burners but we also work on other brands such as Nu-Way and Ecoflam. Riello gas burners are by far the industry leader in relation to burners and are easy to use with a broad variety, including multiple speeds and other customisable options. Riello also produce a wide range of outputs from 10kW to 30mW that are suitable for every type of property from small businesses to large manufacturing premises and power plants. They are also much easier to maintain and repair in comparison to the other brands, due to their expansive range making parts readily available from most heating stores and their brilliant customer service agents with sections specifically targeting burner matching and on-site advice.

Our expert team of fully qualified gas engineers can help you choose the right Riello for your particular requirements, and we can then also install and set up your burner to follow the relevant regulations.

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Gas Burner FAQs

Your questions about gas burners answered

A gas burner is a piece of equipment that can be installed to boilers that regulate the oxygen and fuel used in the combustion process to heat water. Some boilers will come with gas burners pre-installed, these are normally the smaller domestic boilers although some larger commercial boilers do now come with a pre-installed burner. Gas burners are used to closely regulate the temperature used by the boiler and to reach larger kW outputs.

Gas burners are designed specifically to use natural gas as their fuel source. You can get other types of burners that use different fuel sources (e.g. coal, oil and LPG) and you can even get dual-fuel burners that can use two different types of fuel (e.g. natural gas and oil).

A post-mix burner deliver the fuel and oxygen separately, allowing them to mix in the furnace naturally. A pre-mix burner delivers the fuel and oxygen already mixed together. Pre-mix burners in general allow for a more efficient combustion process.

There are two main brands of gas burners, Riello and Nu-Way, which is deemed the best is down to personal opinion. At CGBS we always recommend Riello as we believe they are the best quality burners available and have the most options available also. Due to being more widely available, they are also easier to maintain and repair because the parts are more available as a result.

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