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What Is A Gas Interlock System?

A gas interlock system is a piece of equipment that will shut off any gas outlets when another piece of equipment isn’t functioning properly. Gas interlocks are mainly seen in commercial catering settings, in the event that ventilation in a commercial kitchen has a fault or malfunctions a gas interlock system will stop any gas going to the kitchen appliances to prevent a build up of Carbon Monoxide forming and creating a poisonous atmosphere.

Gas interlocks are used in HVAC plant rooms for a variety of safety precautions, some of the most common are: if a fire alarm or Carbon Monoxide alarm is triggered, if ventilation malfunctions or if a property’s energy is cut off. This is done as a preventative measure to stop gas creating or adding to any safety hazards such as fuelling a fire further. We can custom design and install gas interlock systems to integrate with any of the components mentioned above, including your property’s BMS (building management system), for a user-friendly experience that can improve your the safety of your premises 10-fold. For more information, just give us a call on 020 7998 9005.

What should I do when a gas interlock is triggered?

When a gas interlock has been triggered we always recommend calling a qualified engineer to inspect the premises before turning the gas back on. The reason being is an engineer will need to look at the gas interlock system’s data to find out why the shut down was implicated and to then check all the equipment is safe to use before being used again. If this isn’t done you may be causing a dangerous situation; for example if your ventilation has failed but the gas was switched back on without the proper checks completed, you may be creating a poisonous atmosphere in your kitchen or plant room that could have fatal consequences if left unaddressed.

If your gas interlock system has been triggered, call Flair Facilities and we will have a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer at your property as soon as possible. On arrival they will carry out an inspection of all equipment and find out why the gas interlock was triggered. In the circumstance that any damage has occurred to any equipment they can then conduct the relevant maintenance and repairs to have your property up and running in no time!

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Gas Interlock FAQs

Your questions about gas interlocks answered

A gas interlock is a piece of equipment that is connected to various sensors relevant to safety precautions such as fire alarms and ventilation systems amongst others, as well as gas pipework. It will detect a variety of things, such as faults with your ventilation and fires within a building,  in the event that a sensor is triggered it will shut off any gas feeding to appliances. This is to prevent a build up of Carbon Monoxide and a lack of oxygen in the environment if the ventilation system fails.

Gas interlock systems are now a legal requirement for commercial kitchens according to the BS 6173 and also in plant rooms. The regulation is not retrospective so older pre-existing kitchens or plant rooms do not need to have a gas interlock system installed, although it is highly recommended in doing so. Gas interlock systems are an essential component to commercial kitchens and plant rooms as they will shut off any gas feeding to appliances in the event the ventilation system is down, a fire is censored or when other parameters are met triggering a sensor, preventing dangerous and even fatal consequences.

Although gas interlocks don’t directly use natural gas themselves, they still need to be installed and maintained by an engineer who is a member of the Gas Safe Register, with the right qualifications. The qualifications needed to work on gas interlocks are dependant on where the gas interlock is installed; if the gas interlock is in a kitchen then it will most likely be the CCCN1, if it is in a plant room then it will most likely be a COCN1 These are your qualifications for your core catering requirements and core commercial requirements.

A gas interlock itself costs between £100 and £2000 depending on the one in question as they come in a variety of specifications and sizes. The cost of labour will depend on how long it takes to install, how long it takes depends on how far the equipment being wired is away from each other and the amount of equipment wired to the interlock. Going off past experiences a standard interlock will take up to a day with two engineers, which would cost £1800 when using the Flair Facilities rates.

*Optional image or document upload. Details of current boiler such as photos of boiler/plant room and boiler plate with make and model no.