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Radiant Heating Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Welcome to Flair Facilities, where we make your warmth our top priority! Our seasoned team of professional HVAC engineers are committed to offering top notch radiant heater installation, repair, and maintenance services for commercial properties within and around London. Our vast industry knowledge and expertise are just what you need to ensure that your premises remain cozy and comfortable throughout the year. Offering a range of cost-effective and dependable services, we are dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of each of our clients. 

Need a radiant heater installed? Or maybe just a quick repair on your existing infrared heating unit? We’ve got you covered. From top-to-bottom radiant heating maintenance services to keep you and your business toasty and snug. So, why not give us a call?! Our customer service specialists would love to tell you about our radiant heating deals and how we can help nourish all your heating needs. Below we will tackle what radiant heating actually is, the potential benefits radiant heating may have for your business, the brands of radiant heating available on today’s market and finally a more detailed look at the radiant heating services Flair Facilities offer!

What Are Radiant Heaters?

Radiant heaters (sometimes known as infrared heaters) are similar to the heat lamps you most likely have seen in pub gardens across the UK. The main difference between these and the ones used within the commercial sector is that radiant heaters used commercially are often gas-fired, whereas the smaller radiant heaters are normally electric.

Gas-fired radiant heaters function by burning the fuel (natural gas), the heat is then transmitted to a steel tube (a tube heater)  or a ceramic plate (a luminous heater), reflective panels then direct this heat to the required area. Radiant heaters can be seen installed as individual heat lamps to heat a specific area or in unison as a whole heating system for an entire property, without the need for any water intake unlike a boiler heating system.

Brands of radiant heater available

  • Ambirad
  • Frico
  • Heatscope
  • Herschel Infrared Heaters
  • Powrmatic
  • Reznor
  • Schwank
  • Spaceray

The benefits of radiant heaters

Radiant heaters are perfect for when a certain spot is required to be heated rather than heating the whole building; this is because the heat they emit is directed to a certain area by the reflective panels, rather than being circulated by the convection current of air in an enclosed atmosphere. Radiant heaters are especially effective in buildings with a large amount of space that only needs certain parts heated at certain times e.g. building with high roofs or empty spaces such as warehouses and factories that only have certain parts being worked in at certain times. The reason behind this is because radiant heaters have a very short lead time in comparison to other heating solutions as they provide almost instantaneous heat but only to a specific area, rather than the entire building.

Another situation in which radiant heaters are useful, is when water facilities aren’t available or necessary. In these circumstances radiant heat systems can be implicated to provide sufficient heating to a building without the need for venting and ducting installations, as is the case for warm air systems and AC systems.

This isn’t to say that radiant heaters cannot be used to heat a whole building adequately, as when a radiant heat system is designed to a high standard they can be very efficient in heating entire large spaces. Flair Facilities have a team of design specialists and engineers whose primary focus is radiant heaters, this way we can ensure that any space or property you may have is heated to highest quality with your properties individual requirements tended to and fully addressed.

Radiant Heating System FAQs

Your questions about radiant heating answered

The distance you place your radiant heating panel from people and objects entirely depends on the heat setting the panel is on. As a rule of thumb nothing should be placed within 3ft of the heater, as it will most likely be too hot and damage whatever is placed in front of it depending on the material. Radiant heaters should also not be placed further than 12ft away from the people or space it is heating as the warmth will not be felt, again this is dependant on the size of the heating panel and the heat setting it is on.

Radiant heaters are best at providing warmth to precise areas and small spaces, this is because they don’t circulate the area around a room and only heat the area directly in front of the panel. The heat will only be able to stretch so far, so heating large areas or spaces from a distance is ineffective. They are especially effective in large buildings that only need certain areas heated e.g. large factories that only need small spaces heated where people are working.

Radiant heaters are not directly bad for your health as they emit infrared heat which is the same heat produced from the sun. Although, it isn’t recommended getting too close to a radiant heater or sitting close to one for an extensive amount of time as it may burn or cause damage to your skin. You would feel the heat burning your skin or making you uncomfortable, so as long as common sense is used radiant heaters will not cause harm to your health.

Radiant heaters work by combusting gas or using electricity to heat a conductive element e.g. a steel tube or ceramic plate. This heat is then directed by reflective panels in the desire direction to heat whatever is in its vicinity.

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