What is a dosing pot?

A look at dosing pots, why your heating system might need one and our recommendation

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Our Experience

At Flair Facilities we have decades of experience, dealing with all types of heating systems in all sizes and outputs available. Due to our many years working in the HVAC sector, we have installed and tested many different types of dosing pot.

After reminiscing on old projects and speaking to our specialist engineers, we have created a guide on dosing pots and decided on our preferred models. To have a dosing pot installed or for any other queries, please call 0207 9989 005.

What is a dosing pot?

Whether you have a commercial property with a high-spec plant room or a simple single boiler unit with a water storage cylinder, heating and hot water systems are expensive pieces of gear regardless of the set-up on your premises. As with any expensive equipment, you always want to ensure it reaches its maximum lifespan and performs to the best of its capabilities throughout this time. This is where dosing pots come in.

The main components of a dosing pot are: a stainless steel vessel, an inlet valve, an outlet valve, a drain valve and a filling valve. This piece of equipment is installed to your main flow and return pipework, dosing the water of your closed system with a chemical of your choice. Corrosion inhibitor or other cleaning agents are normally used when concerning heating systems, but in the case of chilled water systems this could be anti-freeze. They are typically available in 3 – 50L sizes and have safety features like non-return valves to allow them to deal with high levels of pressure.

Why use a dosing pot and what are the benefits?

The main reason to use a dosing pot is to allow for the safe and controlled introduction of chemicals into a closed water system. This is done without causing interruption to the operation of the system, which can be essential especially with commercial systems that are in constant use and can’t afford any downtime. 

The reasons for introducing said chemicals, depends on the chemicals being used. When using corrosion inhibitor or other cleaning agents this will most likely be done to prevent the build up and break down any existing corrosion, limescale, sludge or microbial growth. In turn this will give the benefit of increasing the lifespan and efficiency of the equipment and also save energy, as if these contaminants build up it can drastically affect the performance of a system and even lead to breakdowns. If you are unsure whether your system is experiencing any of these build ups, you may need a water sample analysis.

When looking at chilled water systems (i.e. chiller systems), dosing pots can be used to prevent pipework from freezing over. In this circumstance dosing pots are used to keep the equipment operational  and prevent the risk of cracked or burst pipes, resulting from them freezing over.

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The Xpot 6 and Xpot XXP with the Flair Facilities logo in the middle

What is the best dosing pot?

Through our project experience, client satisfaction reports and conversations with our experienced engineers, there is one clear winner when deciding on the best dosing pot available on today’s market … the X-Pot series by Boss.

On top of being high quality and extremely efficient, the X-Pot series of dosing pots are highly integrated and manage to combine multiple functions into one piece of equipment. Acting not just as dosing pots but also providing: dirt and air separators, cartridge / bag filters and magnetic filters all in one unit. This multi-function feature  gives us the opportunity to install 1 piece of equipment instead of the 4 that would normally be required. In turn this then saves our clients space, time and money regarding their works that have been requested.

The other benefit to the X-Pot series is the broad range of models available, making them applicable to all types of heating systems. From small and large commercial systems to district heating systems and exceptionally high pressure systems, there is a model in the X-Pot series to suit any situation that may arise. The differences in these models mainly concern the max working pressure (ranging from 7 bar to 30 bar), the max system volume (ranging from 34,560L to 2,592,000L), the flow rate (ranging from 0.4 L/S to 30 L/S) and the pipe connection size (ranging from 1/2″ BSP to 6″ PN 30).  The + models in the series also offer integrated pumps and enhanced BMS compatibility to add even more to the options available, making the X-Pots a true jack of all trades and a master of all to.

Our recommendation: Boss X-Pot Series
Models Available:

  • X-Pot Compact
  • X-Pot 6
  • X-Pot 6+
  • X-Pot XP
  • X-Pot XP+
  • X-Pot XXP
  • X-Pot HFHP
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